More about Weeding

A Weed Mob does weed work.  How ’bout that?

But what does weed work involve?  Well, the real power in a Weed Mob is its people and its presence.  A lot of working hands can cover a lot of ground in a short time.  But in order to get people nose-to-ground, we need to choose safe methods.  So a Weed Mob essentially works with manual control methods and simple tools.  Chain saws and tractors may come into play, but they make it harder to communicate.  If people are to get to know each other, a little conversation can be helpful, and who wants to scream over engine noise?

The Weed Mob can be a big help in areas that can’t be mowed or grazed…  stone walls, field edges, and drainages.  Once you learn what the target weed looks like, then you can go after it by cutting or pulling.  Sometimes the weed material has to be bagged up or carried to a designated drying station.  And some weeds always slip through or come up late, so it’s a good idea to visit again to be absolutely positively sure you got them ALL.  If we can stop weeds from flowering, we can stop what we call “seed rain.”  Run that expression past your office drone buddies.  And smile!


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