Keep it Safe, Eh?

Here are a few safety tips.  Take a good hard look at what you’re asking people to do if you are the organizer, and realize that you may need to do some planning around the weather.  Don’t let folks get caught with no water, and sure, feed ’em.  Keeps them happy.  It’s always nice too when people understand what it is they’re doing, so if you take some time up front to explain the work, your mob may be a lot more energized.

Some more thoughts on the topic of Mob Safety:

  1. Scheduling: people start to drift and distract after a couple hours… don’t overdo it, just come out again another day.
  2. Traffic and Roads: pretty common to find roadsides full of weeds that then drop their seeds into the nearby fields and spaces.  Work one side at a time, make sure people are visible, and slow down traffic if necessary.
  3. Slips, Trips, and Falls: the most common injuries, and more likely to happen if people rush the job.  Try to check the site first before people arrive and eliminate things like old barbed wire.
  4. Work in buddy systems, but give each other plenty of space.
  5. Use the tools that are appropriate for the job and the conditions.
  6. Communication and Planning:  be prepared for injuries, knowing where to find help and knowing in advance whether you have cellphone service.
  7. Water: de-hydration.  It sneaks up on you, and affects some people more quickly.
  8. Allergies: to bee stings and plant sap.  Again, scout the area as best you can ahead of the Mob.  Poison ivy is not fun, even the roots are not fun.
  9. Eyes, Hands, and Feet: safety glasses, gloves, and sturdy shoes.  Don’t flip-flop!
  10. Have Fun and just urge everyone to take safety as a group responsibility.

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