About this Site

The Weed Mobs site is here to help you understand what a mob is and what it’s best suited for.  You can then either organize a Weed Mob of your own, or connect with me and get some help.  Surprise your neighbors, help out the local farm family.  Help out a community church or school or senior center.  But check in with them first, eh?  Who knows, maybe they’ll feed you.  This site also lets you post mob information (over on the Where page) and you can list yourself as the contact.

So my name is Mike Bald; I do non-chemical weed management professionally.  I live and work in central Vermont, but also have project sites in New Hampshire and Massachusetts.  Although weed mobs have been around for as long as we humans have farmed, they go by different titles, but the purpose has essentially remained consistent.  I don’t wish to claim the idea at all, my goal is simply to give people a forum for announcing and organizing a mob of their own.  You can do it, you don’t need to be a farmer.  I can help if you need that at some point.  Help might be nice the first time you pull a mob together.

You should really think of a weed mob as an annual tradition.  Most weeds have seeds that survive in the soil for many years.  Some spread vegetatively, but the point is that you don’t eliminate a weed problem in a single outing.  You impact the weed population and you favor the desired plants.  Build healthy soils with good organic content and those good, useful plants will stand on their own against weed colonization pretty effectively.

So please explore the site; I hope you pick up some useful stuff and perhaps join us for an outing or announce a weed mob of your own.  Good organization always makes the mob more enjoyable for everyone, so do contact me for consultation or assistance if you feel you need that.  Enjoy!


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